Episode 51

Are We Good?

Published on: 22nd April, 2022

The burning baseball question on everyone's mind: So are we good? Nick, Gerry & Josh discuss that answer, Recap ULM & stAte series, the trip to the Litter Box, look ahead to Georgia State, give some league updates and tackle another hot topic: Why can't we stream all of our home baseball games? The guys also interview Jaci Russo of brandRusso, the firm that has partnered with UL Athletics for the ULtra Program; Louisiana's NIL Collective. Sorry for the wait!

stAte Recap [5:10]

ULM Recap / Pitching [11:28]

Wally Pontiff Classic (LSUA&M) [27:08]

Georgia State Look Ahead [48:50]

Why Can't We Stream our Baseball games? [58:34]

Jaci Russo ULtra Interview [01:17:33]

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Gerry Hebert originally hails from Kenner, LA. He is a life long follower of Ragin Cajuns Athletics, former team manager for the Ragin' Cajuns Football program and UL alumni. He is the son of former Board of Regents member, Strongman Letter winner, prominent USL alumnus and decades long booster Gerald Hebert. Gerry serves Ragin Review in a multitude of ways, but none more importantly than running it's numerous social media accounts. He is also the voice behind "Maaan, I Tell You What!", a grassroots effort to bridge generational gaps within the Ragin Cajun fanbase through storytelling and poignant commentary.

J. Cole Jagneaux, or as many like to refer to him, ManAboutTown. He is the weathered, elder statesmen of the group, espousing sharp-tongued, pointed and strong opinions. His unapologetic style has helped create loyal interest and Administrative rebuke alike. MAT is roundly credited with being the creative writer and content creator of Ragin Review, while also editing and promoting each episode. His structured approach, sponsor relationships and dedication to our mission have helped solidify the podcast's place within the Louisiana Ragin' Cajun family. (MAT's youngest son, Owen "Big Cat" Jagneaux, is the little voice you'll hear in our episodes and is lovingly referred to as our #BrandAmbassador)

Nick Domingue is a long time Cajun baseball stalwart. The former PA announcer for Tony Robichaux's baseball team, brother of long time Cajun baseball coach Chris Domingue, and creator of Planet Radio's hit show "The Hangover Cafe" joins the RR team to provide an insightful, comedic and informed view of Ragin Cajuns Athletics. Nick is a Louisiana graduate and a resident of Houston, TX.